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Margaret Bagley Her PageGreetings to you all from the team in Uganda and in UK. I returned from Uganda 1st February and have been struggling to know how to put in a few words what an amazing time we had. The result is that this newsletter is longer than normal, but please do read to the end as there is some exciting news.

Childrens camp

Thanks to a generous last minute donation we were able to have the two day childrens camp. Wisdom prevailed and it was decided not to have the children sleeping overnight as there were so many eager to participate in the camp. It proved to be a very good decision as we had over 600 children attend. The activities included games and sports (on a nearby sports ground), music, dance and teaching. Rather embarrassingly for us as the host Church Community 'Life Assembly' won the trophy but there were many other gifts to be given out. The event was so successful that it ended with a debt, as more food and gifts had to be bought than had been budgeted for. Much appreciation goes to Rev Charles and his team who worked so hard to make it a success.Mission Uganda


1. Some of our sponsored children are having challenges in their homes which is affecting their spiritual, mental and physical development. So it has been decided to house some in my former home in Uganda, so that they can be better cared for and monitored. This is an exciting and challenging development. While in Uganda we saw the need to pay a house mother to care for the children, and were delighted when someone in the UK offered to sponsor one. The local authorities are aware of the arrangement and happy with the facilities, but the house needs some practical development and other provision, which are not covered by sponsorship money such as educational toys, play equipment etc. and a fence.

2. I am delighted to report that we are going to be forming a charity of its own for our work in Mubende. I have wanted to do this for years, but now have Theresa and Danielle, who are willing to be trustees, so we can form a charity. This needs money that we don't have at the moment. But we are hoping that it will be completed by the end of the year. I cannot express my appreciation enough to Hope Corner Community Church who have managed the sponsorship programme for us, and will continue to do so until we have our own registered charity.

3. I am a missionary, pastor and teacher by calling - and am very excited to be invited to pioneer a new work in Blaenau Ffestiniog by Rev. Pauline Edwards from Bangor Pentecostal Church. It is a huge step of faith as it is not a salaried position, so I will still be relying on my very faithful financial supporters. I will also be looking for part-time work to supplement my income, but if anyone wants to begin to support me personally they are welcome. I am going to let my house in Runcorn, and rent a two bedroom flat in Blaenau. I will be sad to leave Hope Corner Community church but will go with their blessing as well that of the AOG leadership. There are some practical preparations to do in the house before it is ready for renting. I will continue to be involved in missions work in Mubende, and hopefully will be able to visit Mubende more regularly as my income increases. My monthly meetings to discuss our sponsorship programme with Danielle (and now Theresa) will continue, as it is less than a two hour drive back to Runcorn.


I thank God for all who have supported me and the work in Mubende. It was a difficult decision to return to the UK, but when I reflect on the developments that are now taking place I thank God that he gave me the grace to obey. Since returning to the UK we have been able to:

- Increase the number of sponsors for deprived children and youth

- Acquire land near to the town where we hope one day to build a Primary School, and Build a Children's church which is used regularly by our church children, although it is not yet finished.

- Put on a sports day and the following year a children's camp for over 600 children.

- Trained Pastors, Church Leaders and Sunday School Teachers

Ministries Prayer Group- Encouraged other UK churches and individuals in Mission

- Encourage, train and do evangelism especially with children.

These are just some of the achievements in the last eighteen months, which does not include the work of the church in Mubende in evangelism, and church planting, as well as the dynamic youth ministry and incredible worship ministry which is there. Why not pray and see if the Lord would like you to come with me next time I go. 

God bless and thank you for your prayers and other support.

Margaret Bagley
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