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Margaret Bagley Her PageGreetings from the Mubende and UK Team.

Sorry that there has been such a gap in the Newsletters but I had a problem with my laptop which thankfully someone from Bangor Pentecostal Church has sorted out for me.

Personal News

I finally moved to Wales in June. I moved with part time paid work that at times turned out to be more hours than a full time one and at other times was far too many hours than I expected! So in the end I resigned from that job. I am now working part time for a charity who has supported both me and the work in Uganda for many years. I am a manager of one of their charity shops. Must admit it is not easy balancing working part time and ministry, but the Lord is in control, and it seems that it is the way that He is providing for me for now.


I am thanking God for what he is doing in Mubende. The good news is that Hope and Life Missions Africa (HALMA) is now registered with Mubende district as a Community Based Project (CBO). It is still under the leadership of the church but it is good that the practical part of the ministry is now registered in its own entity. Meanwhile as the work is growing the UK team are looking forward to developing a charity here, for the work in Mubende rather than working through other charities. Please pray for us all as we sort out the administrative work that needs to be done to achieve this.


We are very grateful for the faithful support of those who continue to support us, as well as me personally. Special thanks to Hope Corner Community Church who continue to be a vessel for the sponsorship programme. May God bless you all.

Community Life Assembly

he church continues to grow and is very active in evangelism as well as its various ministries. In June they planted another church, and one of the people we are supporting as HALMA went to be the pastor there. She was tragically widowed within a year of marriage so when the baby was born she was in real desperate need. Through HALMA she now has a sponsor for her daughter and it is wonderful that although there are still many struggles that she is able to serve the Lord in this way, and that her daughter is sure of going to school at the right time.


The sponsorship scheme is developing as both the UK and Ugandan team develop administrative processes to support the work. This is transforming people’s future and it is so exciting to be a part of it. If you would like to help but can’t sponsor yourself we need help in encouraging other sponsors. Please do contact me if you would like to know more information about how you can help.

Uganda Trips

I cannot go out in January as planned for personal reasons, so will be making a shorter trip in 2019. I really do want to be going more frequently. It was lovely to have Theresa with me last time I went to Uganda, and I would love to travel with other people. So if you would be interested in coming to be part of a dynamic church ministry, you would be very welcome. The worship is awesome and there is such a presence of God in the church services that you will be really blessed and perhaps challenged. So the invitation is there. You will need the recommendation of your pastor to come, but as long as you have it, you are very welcome.

Contact Details

If you require any contact details other than email please contact me on
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Mission Uganda

God bless and thank you for your prayers and other support.

Margaret Bagley
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