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Margaret Bagley Her PageHappy New Year to you all. May your joys outweigh your challenges. May you see God's favour abounding to you and those you hold dear. May blessings flow and may you have increasing power to serve our Lord, and those people he sets before you throughout 2018.

This is a quick update

We are so thankful to God and his people who have given generously so that we can squeeze the increased funds to enable us to have a two day children's camp. We need to do some quick readjustments to our teaching, but it is a very welcome challenge. When we have organised events similar to this before we have asked people from the village to bring food with them, from their gardens, but it is the wrong time of year to ask for that.

Secondly, because of a generous gift, I have been able to get a new laptop to take with me. I always say that every blessing brings a challenge, and I was getting stressed about tax on it, so finally phoned customs in Uganda and was told that I don't need to pay any. Please pray that the information is the same when I get to the airport.Mission Uganda

We were asked to take some educational toys with us, which are stronger than you can get in Uganda. So Theresa is out this morning getting lego bricks. If you have any good quality toys for every age group, and jigsaw puzzles, please hold on to them for next time I go out. Uganda does not have the same regulations as we do, so from experience I prefer to get children's toys here.

I am so encouraged by this as it confirms that God is in this trip, and am so looking forward to what He will do through and in us.

Please pray for Theresa who will be having her first experience of Uganda, and pray for her family who she has left for two weeks. The other prayer points are indicated below.

Prayer Points

Ministries Prayer Group
1. Completion of the children's facility at church.

2. The rapid processing of the passport of Lois and the raising of funds for flights, visa and insurance.

3. Our trip to Uganda, and for those we will be ministering to.

4. For Pr. Charles, his wife Edith and their family.

5. For an increase in my finances.

God bless and thank you for your prayers and other support.

Margaret Bagley
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