Latest updates from Margaret:

Greetings to you all. I hope that you are able to use these summer months to get some physical and spiritual refreshment.There are some exciting developments in our ministry: 

African Day

I was invited to participate in a church community event in Partington which was having an African Day to help their community to appreciate the challenges of people in the developing country of Africa. I went with Theresa and Anne from Hope Corner Community Church, who did a grand job helping children to make bracelets with paper beads and toys, with things destined for the recycling bin. We had children participating for the whole of the three hours of the event, and there was good feedback from the community. I would be happy to arrange a similar event in your church if expenses were covered so please do contact me.Mission Uganda

Mubende News

Praise God that there is now a roof on the children's facility room which is intended for the pre - school age group. I look forward to the day when I can take a team out to decorate it, but first the remainder of the children's facility needs windows, doors and a floor.


Lois is the daughter of Charles and Edith who is profoundly hearing impaired. There has been a tremendous and exciting opportunity arisen which will enable Lois to get free hearing aids from the UK if we can get her here. This is with a global company which has top of the range hearing aids. Our work is to get Lois to the UK. So at the moment we are processing her passport. Once this is done we will need to raise the funds for her flight,visa and insurance as well as one of her parents.

Personal News

I am hampered by lack of finances, so my plan is to be in Uganda (national flag above) during August / September (need a miracle). Obviously it is more expensive to live in the UK than Uganda, and my personal support has reduced. So I am quite challenged financially, and praying that either my personal support needs to increase, or I need flexible work, which is also hampered by me not having a car. Prayer is needed please. I am planning to be in Uganda mid-January with a children's evangelist, Theresa, from Hope Corner Community Church - which is during the time of the main holidays for school children (being the hottest months of the year).Ministries Prayer Group

Prayer Points

1. Pray for completion of the children's shelter.

2. Please pray for rapid processing of the passport of Lois, and the raising of funds for flights, visa and insurance. The company has agreed to write a letter to help process the visa.

3. My personal finances and finance for a car and ministry in general. (Lois and one of her parents will be staying with me, so even my personal finances have implications for processing the visa).

God bless you,
Margaret Bagley

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