October / November 2018 - Teaching Series

The following Sunday morning Church Services will consist of a linked series of sermons.

Faith Action Teaching Series1

For this series of Church Services we will be looking at a few characters from the bible, and looking at some of the following questions:

Who were they?
How did they serve God?
How did God speak to them?
How they reacted under adversity
What were there failings
What can we learn from them?

Please find the details of the 4 Church Services below about 'Biblical Characters':

14/10/2018 - 'Daniel'  
Speaker: Jonathan Jones

21/10/2018 - 'Malachi'
Speaker: Bill Caldwell

28/10/2018 - 'Hannah'
Speaker: Camilla Clarke

04/11/2018 - 'Job'
Speaker: Paul Raybould

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