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When we go to Church we all tend to sit in the same places, and next to the same people. When looking around at other members of the congregation we sometimes think 'he/she seems a nice person... it would be good to get to know him/her better one day'. One way to broaden our friends at Church is via 'Food Friends'.

Events Food Friends

How does 'Food Friends' work?

The starting point is you, your family / friends who go to our Church or another Church, or don't go to Church at all. Would you like to join 'Food Friends'? - All are welcome! 

If you, and members of your family and / or a friend are interested, please see Andy or Esther, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When enough people have signed-up for Food Friends, groups of 6 people will be formed. When creating groups, it will be assumed that couples wish to remain together, unless otherwise indicated. 

When you know who is in your group, please make arrangements as to where and when to meet.

How many occasions to meet?

The idea is for your group to meet 3 times or more between January - June  2019. For example, you could meet at 3 different houses for a meal, or just a coffee and a biscuit (or piece of cake). But you may prefer to eat and drink away from the home environment. The decision is entirely with each individual group.

What do we talk about?

The intention is for each person to get to know everyone in their group, and enjoy time together. However, please spare at least a few minutes to reflect on each person's faith (or non-faith). Each time you meet (each session), you and your group could discuss one question:

Session 1 --> When did you start going to Church & why?

Session 2 --> How has my faith developed since I first started going to Church?

Session 3 --> How could our Church be changed to make it even better?

What happens after our final meeting?

Hopefully, after your final meeting as a 'Food Friends' group you will want to sign-up for January - June 2019 'Food Friends'. A list of people will again be drawn-up in June 2019, and totally new groups formed.

Benefits of Food Friends:Events Food Friends Tick

  • We all enjoy making new friends, and deepening existing friendships

  • If we all get to know each other better, over time our Church should become even stronger

  • People not currently part of our Church will hopefully enjoy themselves, and reflect on the quality of your group's time together

Who is in my group?

Our January - June 2019 Food Friends groups are as indicated below:

Group A

Bill Jager
Mercy Jalandhar
Annette Raybould
Paul Raybould
George Wade
Ruth Wade

Group B
Christine Jones
Malcolm Jones
Glennis Pittaway
Cheryl Thompson
Andy Watkins
Esther Watkins

Group C
Jackie Astbury
Jean Bennett
Andy Roberts
Sophie Roberts
David Wills
Pam Wills

Group D
David Barlow
Ann Jones
Jane Harris

Tony Harris
Ann Hickinbottom
Ron Hickinbottom

Group E
Kath Bowen
Hazel Evans
Jeremy Evans
Marian Hyde
Bryan Richens
Stella Richens

Group F
Camilla Clarke
Becky Cutler

Kate Hodgetts
Paul Hodgetts
Martyn Palfreyman
Kate Palfreyman

Group G
David Clifford
Sheridan Clifford
Abbie Jones
Kathryn Rouse
Helen Tighe
Marcus White

It's still not too late for you to sign-up. Please see Andy or Esther Watkins or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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