What a night we had on 30/09/2017!

This was a fun event for all ages.

The night included... refreshments... games... exciting prizes!!!

There were 3 types --> Individual Games Tournament / Group Games / Just 4 Fun Games (see details below)

So who were our winners?

Events Fun n Games 2017 Winners Upload

Pictured above (left to right) are Jacob Slater, Dave Slater, Stuart Atkiss, Marie Slater and Ann Jones. These people were the winners of our 'Fun n Games' evening. But particular congratulations goes to our overall winner of the evening - Stuart Atkiss.

Below are the final scores of our Individual Games Tournament, and photographs of the trophy:
Individual Games Winners 30-09-2017
Engraved trophy


For further details about each activity, please read below:

Individual Games

The winner of the individual games will win an engraved trophy. People finishing in the top 5 places on the scoreboard will each receive an exciting prize

To win you will need to take part in each of the 6 activities below. The maximum points you can be awarded for each of the 6 events will be 10 scoreboard points. Therefore, the maximum overall points you can score is 60 scoreboard points. So how do I score points?

  1. Bowling - There will be 10 skittles. Each skittle has a value between 1 and 10. The maximum points scored = 60 bowling points. You have 3 balls to knock them down. Every 6 bowling points = 1 point on the scoreboard.

  2. Darts - You have 6 darts to throw at the dart board. Every 10 points scored on the dartboard = 1 point on the scoreboard.

  3. Forest Gump - A table tennis table has one half vertical, the other horizontal. The vertical bit has a square within it. You have to hit the table tennis ball within the square. The more times you get within the square within 60 seconds, the more points you score. Every 5 hits in the square = 1 scoreboard point.

  4. Netball - Simple to explain this one! You have ten throws. Each throw you put through the loop = 1 scoreboard point.

  5. Pool - The balls are set-up for the start of a game. But you are the only player! One scoreboard point is awarded for every ball potted by the white ball within 60 seconds.

  6. Table Football - You play as a pair (or on your own), against an opponent (person or pair). Maximum of 10 goals can be scored. One goal = one point for each player / pair. For example, John & Hayley beat Tom & Lydia 6-4. So John & Hayley are awarded 6 points each, while Tom & Lydia score 4 points each.

So do your best! - Try and get into the top 5, or even better.... win the trophy, with your name engraved on it!Events Fun n Games 3

Group Games

As well as the Individual Games Tournament, you will be able to play as a team, with the people on your table. The main two competitions will be:

  1. Quiz - Each team will be seated around a table. The winning team will win an exciting prize.

  2. Picture Quiz - Throughout the evening, your table /  team can work through a picture quiz, and... yes...the winner will be awarded yet another amazing prize!

Just 4 Fun Games

If you would prefer to sit at a table and chat, that's fine!  While chatting you may like to play these games:

  1. Buzz off
  2. Connect4
  3. Draughts
  4. Jenga

These games will be placed on tables at the beginning of the evening.


This is going to be a great night... and it's 100% free of charge! - So don't miss it! - It will be great fun!

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