2017-2018 Premier Predictors

Isn't it great that the new season has now started?!

But which teams will do well? And not so well?

How good a predictor are you? How well have you predicted where each of the 20 premier league teams will finish?


As there are no more Premier League matches this month, we can now work out who is winning so far. And our leading predictor is:

Malcolm Jones

It has been a turbulent start to the season, with many surprise results. But Malcolm's experience and wisdom have proved too much for the other 24 predictors. In fact Malcolm is a massive 40 points ahead of his nearest rival. Well done Malcolm -  a truly remarkable start to the season!

To find out how good a predictor you have been so far this season, please click the link below:
Latest Predictor Scores

Events Premier Predictors 3

So what happens next?

On 31/08/2017 the first Premier League points will be awarded. The 31st August will be will used as a snapshot, and points will be awarded as indicated below. For example, if Leicester City are in 10th place on 31/08/2017, and you predicted that, you will be awarded 10 points. Your August points will then be totalled, and you will be able to see how your predictions compare to everyone else's. Other snapshots of the season will take place on 31/10/2017, 31/12/2017, 31/03/2017 + 31/05/2017. The person accumulating most points from these snapshots will be awarded the 'Accumulator Award'.

So we await the end of this month to discover who is our leading 'Premier Predictor' for August 2017.

Reminder... How to score points?

10 points --> If you predict the correct positioning of a team (i.e., Leicester City finish 10th and they do = 10 points)

5 points --> If your team is one place above/below your prediction (i.e., Leicester City finish 9th or 11th = 5 points)

1 point --> If your team is two places above/below your prediction (i.e., Leicester City finish 8th or 12th = 1 point)

-5 points --> If your team are 5 places above/below your prediction (i.e., Leicester finish 5th or 15th = -5 points)

-10 points --> If your team are 10 places above/below your predictionEvents Premier Predictors 2


Points will also be awarded as follows for predicting the following:

10 points = 2017/18 Community Shield Winner

20 points = 2017/18 Champions League winner
10 points = English team who progresses furthest in Champions League (10 points each if they reach same point)

20 points = FA Cup Winner
10 points = FA Cup Runner-up
5 points = FA Cup Semi-Finalists

20 points = League Cup Winner
10 points = League Cup Runner-up
5 points = League Cup Semi-Finalists

20 points = Championship winner (60 points if the Wolves!)
10 points = Runner-up + Play-off place winner

What did I have to do to take part?

1. Complete the ‘Premier Predictor Competition’ form

2. Return your completed sheet to Andy Watkins by 06/08/2017

3. There was no charge for taking part.

4. It's a bit of fun, but prizes will be awarded throughout the season.Events Premier Predictors 1

How do I win?

There are two ways to win:

Being the best predictor at the end of the 2017/18 football season wins the ‘Premier Predictor Award’

At the end of August / October / December / March / May we will have prizes for being the winner to that point in time (i.e., December – prize for the best predictor so far in the season). Points from each month (August / October / December / March / May) will be added together for the ‘Accumulator Prize’.

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