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Auguste Comte (1798–1857) was the French philosopher who founded sociology, or the scientific study of society. He believed in “positivism” - which is the idea that only scientific truth is the real truth. Positivism, was described as the “Religion of Humanity” - and once described as "Catholicism minus Christianity".

Positivism generally held to the ideals of selfless dedication to others, restoration of public order and progress via the consequences of industrial and technical breakthroughs for human societies. Also, positivism “would have no mysteries and was to be as plain as the multiplication table”.

When Auguste Comte publicly announced his new religion of “positivism” as the new alternative to Christianity, the great Scottish Christian scholar Thomas Carlyle publicly stated the following:

“All you need to do is speak, as no man spoke, To live as no man lived, To be crucified and rise up on the third day, and then get the world to believe you are still alive, Then your religion will have some chance of success”

John 3 v 7: You should not be surprised by my saying, “You must be born again”.

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