Happy New Year!

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We stand at the beginning of a new year not knowing what it holds in store for us. Hopefully it will be a year filled with opportunities both for us and the Church. The mission of the Church continues each year seeking to tell others the good news and make disciples. Each member of the fellowship is a vital and important part of this mission. I believe that each person is called by God to serve. Each one being a vital and important member of the team. How does that affect each one of us? Last Sunday I had the privilege of taking the morning service. I suggested we could be a “PWP” people that are a Praying, Worshiping and Proclaiming people.

As Christians we need to spend time daily with our Lord in prayer, talking to Him, listening to Him, and getting to know Him. We can do this as individuals, or corporately in Church. Have you ever considered attending the prayer meeting? We must worship Him. The apostle Paul says this should be a 24/7 event, our whole lives should be in worship to Him. Attending Church and corporately worshiping is part of this. Lastly, as proclaiming people we are asked to tell others about Jesus, the Saviour who loves and died for all.

When we consider what our Lord Jesus did for us, offering our lives in service to Him is the least we can do. Although it may mean spending a little more time helping out at Church, taking on some role, or upping our giving. The aim, to be a fellowship united, praying, worshiping and proclaiming together; so that we may see men, women, boys and girls find Jesus as their saviour, and to become followers of Him. Let us be a “PWP”people.

“This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is overflowing in many expression of thanks to God”  2 Corinthians 9:12

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